Negotiating with Management

Preparation before negotiating

  • Make sure the issue is clear
  • Determine clear objective
  • Check membership / worker support
  • Collect facts
  • Make notes of key arguments
  • Predict management response
  • List available options
  • Check level of the management negotiator
  • Choose a spokesperson
  • Ensure your team is fully briefed
  • Plan the form of presenting the case



At the bargaining table
The spokesperson should control the team

  • Take proper notes
  • Be firm, but polite
  • Don’t be sidetracked
  • Check management offers for clarity
  • Do not discuss issues of offers within the team- use adjournments
  • Never make a deal without prior authority
  • Have management confirm the record of negotiations



After the negotiation

  •   Assess the result within the team and check the outcome
  •   Keep records of the outcome
  •   Prepare a report
  •   Report to all workers
  •   Forward report to registered associations



Important Principles of Negotiation
        There are three basic DO NOTS of negotiating:

  • Never negotiate alone, to avoid misunderstanding
  • Never make a deal beyond your authority
  • Never debate with your own team at the negotiating table. If you think things have gone wrong, call for an adjournment and discuss the problem in private



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