Training FAQ

What training am I entitled to as a Health and Safety Representative (HSR)?
As a HSR you are entitled to paid training leave each year. The training consists of:

Level 1- first year of term – 5 days
Level 2 – second year of term – 3 days
Level 3 – third and additional years of term – 2 days
(Refer to Section 72 (9) of the WHS Act 2012)

For more detailed information about the courses head to the Courses Available section of this site.


I am a newly elected HSR and require training, where do I go?
JobSafe SA run Levels 1, 2 and 3 Health and Safety Training courses for elected HSR’s throughout the year. For more information about courses available go to the Courses Available  or for course dates go to Course Dates  section of this site.


Who chooses where I attend my safety training?
The Health and Safety Representative has the right to choose where they would like to go to attend training. They must consult their PCBU though, when deciding when and which course they will attend.


 What training does a deputy HSR need?
As Deputy Representatives are required to carry out the duties of the elected HSR in times of absence it is encouraged for all Deputies to attend training.


What are my entitlements regarding pay and reimbursement when I attend safety training?
A person who takes time off work for the purposes of attending approved WHS Training is entitled to:
– take that time off without the loss of any remuneration that the person would have received had they been at work
– Is entitled to be reimbursed by the worker for any reasonable expenses incurred with respect to
~ travelling;
~obtaining meals and accommodation;
~ parking fees;
~ other matters prescribed by the regulations


Do I (HSR) have to pay for the approved training courses?

No, the PCBU must pay the course fees and any other reasonable cost associated with the HSRs attendance at the course of training. (Refer to Section 72 3(b) of the WHS Act 2012)


Can a PCBU stop me as a HSR to my entitlement to attend approved HSR training?

No, your PCBU must, within three (3) months of your request allow you to attend the course of training. The Regulator may decide this matter if called upon. (Refer to Section 72 3(a), 6 & 7 of the WHS Act 2012)