During this time of COVID-19 JobSafe SA is continuing to offer training at our Mawson Lakes Facility whilst adhering to appropriate social distancing measures. Admittance into JobSafe SA is conditional on acceptance of a Temperature Check and Phone Details being provided. If you are displaying COVID-19 like symptoms admittance may be refused so as to ensure the health and safety of our staff.
Unfortunately until further notice, all scheduled Regional Courses outside of Adelaide are postponed. 
JobSafe SA can now also offer Virtual Classroom Training through Zoom for a selection of courses.
For more information detailing our Virtual Classroom option, please head over to our Courses on Offer page to find details. 


JobSafe SA HSR Level 1 August 17th, 18th, 19th, 24th, 25th (Split)
Virtual Classroom (ZOOM) HSR Level 1 August 31st – September 4th  
JobSafe SA HSR Level 2 September 8th – 10th
(Course Full – No Availabilities)
JobSafe SA WHS Refresher September 11th 
JobSafe SA HSR Level 1 September 14th – 18th
(Course Full – No Availabilities)
JobSafe SA HSR Level 3 October 1st -2nd 
Virtual Classroom (ZOOM) HSR Level 2 October 6th – 8th 
JobSafe SA WHS Refresher October 12th  
JobSafe SA Inspections & Incident Investigation October 13th
JobSafe SA Inappropriate Behaviours October 14th  
JobSafe SA Consultation Processes October 15th  
JobSafe SA Fatigue Management October 16th  
JobSafe SA HSR Level 1 October 19th – 23rd 
Virtual Classroom (ZOOM) WHS Refresher October 30th 
Virtual Classroom (ZOOM) HSR Level 3 November 2nd – 3rd 
JobSafe SA HSR Level 2 November 4th – 6th 
JobSafe SA HSR Level 1 November 9th, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th
JobSafe SA WHS Committee November 18th 
JobSafe SA HSR Level 3 December 3rd – 4th 
JobSafe SA HSR Level 1 December 7th – 11th

All courses are held in our Mawson Lakes office (22-24 Main Street, Mawson Lakes, SA 5095) unless stated otherwise. Please phone (08) 8360 1920 for any enquires.

For a blank enrolment form please click  2020 JobSafe SA Enrolment Form 

Please note: – to help minimise the spread of sickness in the community if you have been unwell, or feel unwell in the lead up to your scheduled course, or are currently unwell – please notify JobSafe SA prior to your course start date to make alternative arrangements. 

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